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This is ebb&flo’s first show back in 2013 and after a well deserved holiday experimenting with hallucinogenic fruits in the Atacama desert we think it’s about time to get back in the Loop. For April we’re getting down to the grass roots, so here’s a little background…

Long before the first ebb&flo party, almost every weekend there would be KRK’s vibrating every shade of house music for ridiculous hours at various undisclosed locations in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. As long as the direction made sense, and you didn’t play Les Dijinns, the night had the potential to never end.

This is where the sound of ebb&flo developed and we’re taking it back to these moments for our first party in 2013. Loop will be acting as our undisclosed venue in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and you the punters will be getting loose as kaboose with us making sure Les Dijinns doesn’t get dropped (which is one of the most integral parts of this event we might add).


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