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Our last event marked the 2 years ebb&flo has been showcasing the quality Melbourne has to offer. It’s been a wild ride so far – thanks to all of you who have made it what it is today, you know who you are!

This time, we’re lucky enough to have a guest who doesn’t circulate the club scene as much anymore, but has kept his reputation for his taste in music in the outdoor atmospheres.

We’ve been keen for him to step up behind the controls for a while now, and now it’s locked in – pump up ya’ space boots.

ebb&flo ft. Gavin Martin – Saturday October 13 @ Loop

Formed through a shared passion for both similar and divergent artists, labels & genres, ebb&flo is a triumvirate consisting of Jon Beta, Lister Cooray & Nikko. Their mutual understanding of intelligent dance music is reflected by their unanimous vision to keep this event on the Melbourne underground calendar:


Stemming from their collaborative & creative roots within the Melbourne community, ebb&flo is a unique and exciting opportunity for high profile DJs to create an experience based on the music that has influenced them on a more profound and personal level. Both our resident & guest DJs will receive extended set lengths to allow them the creative licence to showcase their collection of deeper and groovier records.

After successful events to date, ebb&flo has proven it has the calibre to be a long-term quality addition to the electronic music calendar in Melbourne. The recognition of the finer details that help create a positive and comfortable atmosphere sits on top of their list of priorities when it comes to events. Bridging the gap between music that fits in between the bedroom and the dancefloor is at the forefront of ebb&flo’s unique course to groove based electronic music. Within this, ebb&flo provides high profile local DJ’s the creative licence to showcase a different side to their approach to DJ’ing, and this concept is one ebb&flo aims to stand true by.

Residents: NikkoJon BetaLister Cooray

+ live visuals by Netzair

Entry: Free

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