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3 years ago a little party in Melbourne took place.. it was a little ‘ebb&flo’. It was adorable! It had cute little speakers, loveable little turntables, and a delightful guest named Jamie Stevens. Now that little ebb&flo is turning 3 years old, it’s on its own two feet now and we can’t stop it dancing. Over the past few years we’ve had some pretty special guests come through our console,Steve Ward, Jamie Stevens, Gavin Keitel, Kasey Taylor, Text Book Music, Darius Bassiray, Gavin Martin, Simon Caldwell, Mike Callander, Phil K, and Chris Fortier, and every one of these dudes have come along and put their records together in a different way which is what we envisioned when ebb&flo was born.

So much love to all of the ghetto party freaks that has come religiously to make ebb&flo yours as much as ours because that’s the way it should be. This one is for you guys.

It’s set to be off da chartssss, and it only makes sense to celebrate our 3rd birthday in the 3rd dimension, so our visionary visual man ‘Netzair’ will be bending your occipital lobe with some pretty sick 3D visuals. Don Perignon will be poured, cigar’s will be smoked, and there will be cake.

ebb&flo’s 3rd Dimension Birthday – August 10 – Jon Beta, Nikko, and Lister Cooray all night for 8+hrs, no set times, we’re letting the times set themselves. Visuals by Netzair.


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