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This months Soundscapes sees the formation of DIY Society, a loose collective of artists united under ideas of self flagellation and musical solace. Uncompromising and sometimes uncomfortable, DIY Society unite elements of left-fringe music, performance and visual arts in an afternoon of confessional debauchery. Where sinners suffer eternal punishment you only have to live with transient damnation.

Duaa Svim (Live)
Asha Dirge (Live)
Sam Bentley

Consorting in the darkness somewhere between hazy techno, disfigured atmospherics and murky pulsations of bass, Duaa Svim bring their blissed-out electronic mutations to Loop for a one-off show before hitting the studio to record their debut release scheduled to be unleashed late November.


Asha Dirge will debut a collection of digital rumblings that have been exciting our nether-regions for a while. His unique brand of decomposed, churning rhythms will see you moving your body in a state of otherwordly reflection.


Sam Bentley has been a regular on the on the Melbourne techno circuit for years. October Soundscapes will see him reach deep into his collection of records and dust off those that rarely make it out of the crate. Expect an eclectic collection as experimental as it is sinister.


Edenn is the musical child of Melbourne electronic artist and vocalist, Elly Denn. Her hauntingly beautiful music makes her a welcome regular at Soundscapes. Edenn produces moody, melodic machine music that will force you to hold back years of pent-up tears.


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