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Deep Space will see local hero Matt Radovich serving up the finest dishes of techno grooves, up and coming mover and shaker Harold laying out the hot wax, the live trappings of The Primary Colour and the new dancefloor thriller stylings of Juxtpose.

Matt Rad has been on the scene since the early days of rave and he can certainly regale you with a tale of two of those heady days. Boasting a ridiculous encyclopedic knowledge of just about any genre with a definite nod towards techno, Matt was at Detroit this year spinning tracks in the very town that spawned the genre. The list of luminaries Matt has played with and supported over the years is too long to mention here, this is a mere promo blurb not ‘War and Peace’ dear friends.

Harold aka the new kid on the block has been actively dishing up the goods running a local regular inner city residency for the last year (sorry can’t name the competition), as well as playing with everyone everywhere the whole time. He may possess a body double to have achieved such feats, we don’t know but we dare you to ask him if you can make your way through the writhing bodies on the dancefloor.

The Primary Colour is a man possessed with the holy grail, that is if one were to imagine that Jeff Mills was King Arthur and the holy grail was the fabled dance machine of all time, the legendary Roland TR909. On his most recent visit Jeff was seen with the Primary Colours 909 at his gigs, and if one were to look very closely at it you may see the mans holy writ on it. Whether this has boosted the level of Primary Colour abilities to super Saiyan only time will tell, but we’re quietly confident about that one.

What can be said about Juxtpose? Many things apparently, folklore has it that he once played jazz in a band, some say that he even played progressive punk rock in another, however as this write up is aimed at today’s young fashionable hipster such rumors will be quickly brushed aside. So lets just say that he wrestled a tiger once, using only his teeth..

Visuals will be care of one of Melbourne’s brightest, the dazzlingly enigmatic Chronic Sans.

Shamans have been put on alert, the bones shaken and oracles quizzed – all in the aim to bring you this sacred night. So as you shake your hips and sip your martini, ask yourself that time honored question, do androids really dream of electric sheep?


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