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Deep Fried Dub is a dubwise electronic duo. The Deep Fried sound is an eclectic mix of bass heavey electronic beats with deep dub stylings that crosses genres as diverse as Dub, Drum & Bass/jungle, Dance Hall and cutting edge Electronica.

Having played numerous festivals in New Zealand and Australia (such as Rainbow Serpent and the Gathering) since 2003, Deep Fried have a cult following in the digital dub/electronic bass scene.

With releases on iBoga records (Denmark) and Psy Harmonics (Australia) to name but a few labels, Deepfried have just released the E.P ‘Refried’ on respected U.K label Dubmission Records, featuring remixes of Pitch Black, The Red Eyes, Mista Savona, Banco De Gaia and Lotus.

‘Slow Cooked’ will be their second long awaited album.

With support from:

Editor – Editor’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole although it has been described as glitch, wonk, wobble, dub, dubstep, future hiphop and glitch-hop giving testament to the ability to adapt varied influences and production techniques to create an original sound that sits within the seemingly endless list of sub-genres given to electronic music. Live performances are varied and are visually enhanced with projections themed with robots, space, paranormal, psychedelic and other wonders of nature, sci-fi and technology.

Sk Simeon –  sings in English and Luganda and focuses on a style of singing called water house, while mixing this with toasting, and integrating African style dancing. His biggest reggae influences go back to early 1980/90’s digital reggae namely Dancehall star Tenar Saw,  Roots Reggae star Maddox  Sematimba (Uganda), Super Cat and Eek A Mouse

Monkey Marc – From his early beginnings with his party political Sound System “Labrats” to his production with political hip hop punks Combat Wombat and recent work with Roots Manuva this soundbwoy has been busy making waves across the globe. Sonically rugged he mashes up hip hop and dub inna down under style like no other.

DJ L Que (Echo Chamber Sound System) L Que is a passionate dub and jungle selector and producer. He plays original productions and specials off acetate dub plates, as well as digging deep into his vinyl collection of over 2000 plates and counting. L Que has a solid background in radio broadcasting, sound system culture, sound engineering, and many years of dedicated vinyl collecting.


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