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A psychotic killer?
A sado-masochistic song?
A film crew on a deserted island?

The plot thickens as, one by one, bodies are found- each mutilated in a style of its own.

For lovers of truly traumatic titles ‘scared alive’ delivers!

Bari Suber
Rick Dean
Red McVay

Directed by
Bill Naud

A 1982 SRN production

This movie should have never seen the light of day in the UK in 1982. None of the cast got paid for this production, nor will this screening because I can’t get in contact with any of them. There was a court case in ’82, but still to this date none have been paid.
Enjoy a trip that you may not want to remember as have many others along with the cast and crew.
The slogan of “it’s worse than death” is very appropriate for this film.

Basically, in a nut shell, this film is B-grade. So, “grog-up” and get ready to throw up, and remember you were warned.


Scared Alive Loop- Meyers Place

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