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Join us at LOOP Project Space & Bar for a critical look at reality television with a screening of Gena Lida Riess’ documentary Creating a Monster and a post-film discussion with the director.

Having gained momentum at St Kilda Film Festival, Canberra Film Festival and with an upcoming show at Byron Bay Film Festival, Riess’ thought-provoking documentary explores where reality, truth, construction, and outright manipulation intersect and divorce and who gets stuck in the crossfire?

Featuring interviews with former reality television stars and popular culture experts, Creating a Monster looks at the psychological impact of reality tv shows on its participants and asks a haunting question: who is to blame? The producers or the audiences; forever hungry for more ‘drama’?

Join director Gena Lida Riess, a self-professed reality tv show junkie, after the screening for a discussion and Q&A on the rising phenomena of reality television and what exactly it may say about us? At what point are we all performing, constructing, and reconstructing our identities? Is there a divide between reality and fiction, or is it all starting to get a little blurred?


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