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To celebrate the release of Mike Malloy’s documentary EUROCRIME! THE ITALIAN COP AND GANGSTER FILMS THAT RULED THE 70’s on VHS, Celluloid Apocalypse are proud to present a screening of VIOLENT NAPLES.

Introduced by Eurocrime Producer, Monster Fest Director, author and publisher, Kier-La Janisse (HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN, SATANIC PANIC, KID POWER), VIOLENT NAPLES is an action-packed Poliziotteschi that follows an uncompromising cop as he gets transferred to Naples on account of the city’s atrocious crime levels. His brutal, no-hold-barred police methods are considered to be the perfect antidote and soon the city’s scum are on the run.

The second in the Commissario Betti trilogy, starring Maurizio Merli, VIOLENT NAPLES is the only film in the series to be directed by Umberto Lenzi, and the Italian filmmaker, best known for CANNIBAL FEROX and NIGHTMARE CITY, does himself and the genre proud. The film is 95 minutes of extreme, kick-arse violence, exhilarating action and gritty atmosphere set to a pulsating soundtrack.

Tickets are free but space is limited, so come along early grab a seat at this must-see screening!

Eurocrime 2 Loop- Meyers Place


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