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John Flaus will launch the book at the Loop Bar, Myers Place Melbourne, 6.30 February 24, 2014, followed by a (free) screening of the film.


book <http://www.metromagazine.com.au/shop/product.asp?pID=4199&cID



THE ARCHIVE PROJECT, John Hughes, 2006, 98 minutes

Melbourne’s Realist film movement fought the cultural cold war of the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Melbourne Realists were ‘activist’ filmmakers supporting labour movement, housing and peace campaigns. They introduced Australian audiences to world cinema at a time when cinema screens were dominated by US and UK film industries. Their work was crucial to the emergence of Film Festivals in Melbourne and Sydney. A compilation of their works, their ideals, their deeds and their battles with the Stalinist left and the forces of a repressive state is woven together from a wide variety of archival sources and formats into a timely commentary on the challenges faced by an independent voice in dark times.



THE ARCHIVE PROJECT: The Realist Film Unit in Cold War Australia

The Archive Project is an illustrated screenplay of the film. The film accumulated awards and nominations including a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award for best feature documentary, a NSW Premiers History Prize, and nominations at the 2006 AFI Awards, the Australian Writers Guild Awards and the Australian Directors Guild Awards The film won Best Tertiary Resource at the 2006 ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Awards. The book has greater editorial detail and rich pictorial documentation. Extra interviews included supplement a pictorial history of film culture and politics during Australia’s cultural Cold War. An appendix lists all known screenings of the Melbourne Realist Film Association and breakout texts provide background information and succinct notes on key players and events.

John Flaus – screen actor, film historian, script editor, radio announcer, film critic and teacher – published his first film review in 1954, and was sacked the same year when he wrote that On the Waterfront was right-wing propaganda. John has acted in over 60 feature films (including John Hughes’ What I Have Written, 1996) and TV programs, innumerable short films and live performances, currently at La Mama ‘The Madness of the Day’. <http://lamama.com.au/summer-2014/the-madness-of-the-day/>

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