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Bleep Cuts is an exciting live electronica night at Loop (23 Meyer’s place in the CBD). Returning on the 9th of February for Session #2, the monthly event is a haven for electronic music artists, producers and enthusiasts.

The evening will begin with the informal meet and greets, a chance to meet other creators, make contacts, swap demos, find collaborators and essentially geek out a bit over a drink and some food. Then at 7pm the live shows begin, showcasing four of Melbourne’s finest electronic acts performing live original sets.


Miles Cosmo:

MilesCosmo is a Melbourne based musician originally hailing from Perth. His latest release, Beteo Pod, is available on bandcamp now.

“Venture through an analog wonderland of organic flesh landscapes with bleeding horizons and waves of skin. Plug in your nerve jack and melt into the bioelectrical pulse.”



Melbourne based drummer and beatsmith NPOWA dabbles with old samples in Ableton Live as well as contemporary remixes (mainly in a chill/beats vibe) and original music influenced by artists such as Flying Lotus, Teebs and Melbourne’s burgeoning beats scene. His live set features an eclectic mix of mood music and uplifting beats to fill the dance floor.



The solo project of Michael Cusack fuses dark cinematic sounds with skittering off kilter beats and experimental synthesized noises. Coming from a punk and hardcore background, the obsession with electronic music began for Solaires with a bang on NYE 2011/2012, playing to a packed warehouse, full of lazers and, strobes. Since then, he’s played as many live shows as possible, gathered an impressive collection of synths and independently released 2 EPs. Solaires performs a special improvised drum machine and synths hardware set for Bleep Cuts.


Super Magic Hats:

A Melbourne-based musician, beat maker and producer whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation. Half-heard/half-imagined vocals sit alongside vintage drum machines, soaring analogue synth lines mix with surf guitar, crisp production punches through recordings of rainy walks through the park.


Dito Kadum (VJ): http://ditokadum.com/10-music-video-vjing

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