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Blasé Bandit’s ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ E.P launch party is a display of experimental sounds, warped melodies and driving rhythms. With Loop Project Space & Bar serving as the platform for his new music, Blasé Bandit will be showcasing his first public release, along with support from Melbourne Techno enthusiast and beat selector, Malphemist.

Come down and immerse yourself in a night of sonic exploration, morphing atmospheres and beats with depth.
Entry is to the event is FREE.

Set times:
Malphemist: 9-10
Blasé Bandit E.P: 10-10:30
Blasé Bandit: 10:30-12

Artwork on display by Lauren O’Meara:

Blasé Bandit:


Melbourne based Malphemist (Brendan Armstrong) may be classically trained but he is no classical composer, taking cues instead from the avant-garde of art music and experimental techno. Part musician, part sound-artist, part noisician, his focus is on pushing the bleeding edge of music and sonic technology with an ear for unity, creativity, depth and atmosphere. He looks to mathematics and philosophy for inspiration, exploring fractal structures and conceptually driven experiments as an antidote to predictable cheese and generic formulas. He invites you to use his soundscapes as an opportunity to lose yourself in a meditative trance. Outside of producing and performing, you’ll find him studying and teaching at the Australian Institute of Music.


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