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Seasoned selectors, fresh new artists, Chill bass and housey vibes. Beats and Beers brings a relaxing atmosphere and will help you expand your tastes in a way that doesn’t alienate the senses. Best enjoyed ice cold with company.

Beat and Beers is a concept that was inspired by backyard sessions involving a set of decks, speakers, a few brews and great company. This event embodies the relaxed carefree atmosphere of a backyard summer chill out and brings it to a larger venue to share with a greater community.

A major philosophy of Beats and Beers is to promote lesser heard music to more mainstream crowds in a way that doesn’t offend the ears as well as catering toward people that are more involved with underground music. It’s brings the softer side of bass genres and house in a way that doesn’t alienate crowds. It features some of the finest selectors in Melbourne, people that take DJing seriously as a performance art and go further from mixing one drop with the next.

Finally, Beats and Beers is a platform that gives exposure to lesser know DJs that show exceptional talent and it will favor talent and skill over popularity. By expanding and contributing to the music communities it’s surrounded by, Beats and Beers aims to be a staple of underground music by bridging the gap between underground and mainstream, giving exposure to new performers and by creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and enjoyable.





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