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Questions of Beauty, The Question of Divinity
In everyday life worship exists for them, her, him, you and I. It cannot be denied for in its purest form, repetitive action – the grooming of oneself, the focus on physical movement, the intense scrutiny of another, the investigative enquiry into oneself or one’s history – places importance upon the subject in question and thus elevates it from insignificance. It becomes the divine. It is beauty itself.

The Silent Witness (UK) James Snazell, 4:30 mins, dv, 2013
Backyard Blitz & Divided Self (Aus) Tatjana Seserko, 3 mins, dv, 2008
El Quilpo Sueña Cataratas (The Quilpo of Dreams) (Argentina)
Pablo Mazzolo, 12 mins, Super-8, 2012
Etienne’s Hand (Aus) Richard Tuohy, 13 mins, 16mm, 2011
Dirt (Ireland) Maximilian Le Cain & Vicky Langan, 12 mins, dv, 2012
Living on the Edge (Canada) Aaron Zeghers, 3:30 mins, Super-8, 2012
Luna Berlin (Aus) Irene Proebsting & Barry Brown, 9 mins, Super-8, 2013
The Time That Remains (Aus) Soda_Jerk, 12 mins, dv, 2012
The Voice of God (India/Germany) Bernd Luetzeler, 9:30 mins, 35mm, 2011

Tickets Single session $15/$13 Sunday double session $25/$22 (double session available online only)
Further information and online presale tickets available at www.aieff.org/2013.html

Doors open 3pm

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