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Spacing the Line
A line is a line, a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, actual or implied, held within the frame of the image. In subtext, a line defines ‘difference’ and ‘same’ with a clear distinction between what ‘is’ and ‘is not’. It provides the division between one and another yet also is vulnerable to dis-clarity when those within its boundaries overlap into and merge with the other. All boundaries are then blurred.  The experimental videos in this programme offer a variety of ways of considering aspects of line.

The Realist (USA) ?Scott Stark, 40 mins, dv, 2013
((in stasis)) (Canada) ? Aaron Zeghers, 3 mins, dv, 2012
Movement #4 (UK)? Daniel Hopkins, 7 mins, dv, 2012
ENDLESS GAME (Belgium) ?Eve Martin, 7 mins, dv, 2013?
Pretty in Pink (Ireland) ?Paul O’Donoghue, 5 mins, dv, 2012
Night Falls on Glass (USA/Canada) ? Norbert Shieh, 11 mins, dv, 2012
The Sight (Canada/USA)? Jeremy Moss, 4 mins, dv, 2012
Vexed (Netherlands) ?Telcosystems, 29 mins, dv, 2012

Tickets Single session $15/$13 Saturday double session $25/$22 (double session available online only)
Further information and online presale tickets available at www.aieff.org/2013.html

Doors open 5pm

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