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Of Faraway Lands and Places
Thought provoking and full of the unusual and the forgotten, these experimental films and videos set to intrigue those not familiar with the land, the environment, and the people that they speak of. Come to be enchanted of worlds not known, worlds that are forgotten, and worlds since long past.

Garden (UK)  Michaela Nettell, 4 mins, dv, 2012
Shadow Puppet (Canada)  Yi Cui, 5:30 mins, 16mm, 2011
255572 Büttel (Germany)  Rainer Komers, 5 mins, dv, 2012
Verheißung der Bilder (USA)  Bernard Roddy, 3 mins, 16mm, 2012
SPECIAL EVENTS – NYC71 (Aus)  Mike Leggett, 4 mins, dv, 2012
Was Being Moved? (Taiwan)  Ye Mimi, 11 mins, dv, 2012
An Anxious Mind (UK)  Michael Graversen, 4 mins, dv, 2012
A ESPOSA (Portugal)  Manuela Barile & Sergio Cruz, 17:30 mins, dv, 2012
Tudor Village: A One Shot Deal (Canada)  Rhayne Vermette, 5:30 mins, dv, 2012
s8c1 (Aus)  Adam Dewhirst, 6 mins, dv, 2013
12 Frames (UK)  Eleanor Suess, 7 mins, dv, 2012
106 River Road (USA)  Josh Weissbach, 6 mins, 16mm, 2011

Tickets Single session $15/$13 Saturday double session $25/$22 (double session available online only)
Further information and online presale tickets available at www.aieff.org/2013.html

Doors open 3pm

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