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Artisan Thinking is monthly creative event series that explores the intersection of Art and Business. Hosted by everyone’s favourite Artisan, Mykel Dixon, we learn from Australia’s leading creative minds to activate, accentuate and amplify our creative lives.

Together we leave the status quo, find freedom in the warmth of like-minded souls and step fully into our wild and untamed self-expression.

As always we’ll have esteemed musical guests, opportunities to make things and a sacred spotlight for those willing to share their fabulous selves.

Artisan Thinking (part II) – Perception, Aperture & Intimacy

Navigating the modern world of work is becoming increasingly complex. Knowing which moves to make to best serve our career, company or cause can be difficult.

Our value as employees, employers or entrepreneurs is defined by our ability to leverage the space between what is and what could be. And cultivating meaningful connections despite the busyness of business is vital.

So how can we learn to see the unseen, to build intimacy with velocity and be poised for the moment that truth is revealed?

We learn from those who have mastered the Art of Perception, Aperture & Intimacy.

Oli Sansom and Michelle Grace-Hunder are two of Australia’s most innovative and in-demand photographers. Their work is internationally recognised, their methods wildly unique and their intent is to share all of their savvy skillset so that we are better equipped to flourish in the new world of work.

The best shots are always captured when the facade falls away and the subject surrenders projected self. Learn from two of the best in how to master the Art of the moment.

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Artisan Thinking Loop - Meyers Place

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