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Bringing deep vibes, Alt future comes back with an eclectic and exciting line up. Featuring up and coming local artists with the best in house, techno, garage and disco. We are excited to bring you premier warehouse flavours with Timmy G and Luis Cee Elle, featuring visuals from Melbournes best VJs Kit Webster and RGB313

Support from:

Chiara Kickdrum


Luis Cee Elle (Zanzibar Chanel)
Luis Cee Elle, Aka Baba-X, Aka Luis Cran-Lawrence, is a Melbourne producer who specialises in their own brand of dance music, a music strongly reminiscent of 90s house and techno but always remaining unique. Although Best known as the person twisting the knobs behind Zanzibar Chanel, Luis has also produced for various projects including Zanzibar Chanel, Cheap Present and This Thing’s Pink Notes. His DJ sets attempt to find balance between fresh original material and paying homage to the rich history of dance music while keeping everybody moving.

Timmy G
Straight from the underground, Timmy G brings a new level to his DJ sets with elements of techno, house, disco, electro and throwback classics. Infamous for his role in illegal warehouse parties around Melbourne, Tim works the crowd into a fervour with his 100% vinyl sets. Expect nothing less.

Sailax (Senetek)
Sailax, the head honcho at Senetek, spearheading future and revival styles with his productions and mixes he offers obscure throwback beats up for show

Working through ambient, techno, house, bass and funk with the weekly Senetek Show on Sundays with TRNSMT.TV, he puts together a group of eclectic sounds of worldwide music. Bringing new styles and popular trends from around the world to Melbourne, his mixes will take you on an journey through modern electronic music.

Chiara Kickdrum (Movement)
Chiara Kickdrum is a producer and dj from Melbourne, Australia.

Combining classical elements with contemporary technologies and compositional
techniques, Chiara’s work spans experimental field recordings with analog and digital synthesis; composing electronic music and soundscapes for live performance; creating immersive environments and art installations; and producing music and sound design for film and TV.

Chiara is also a dj, with her main focus being underground house and techno.

313RGB’s practice seamlessly crosses media from museum installations to music video’s and curating cross-media events. The current focus being user reactive and motion tracking technology.

16:9 / 4:3 / 313RGB — (H)AV’ IT!

Kit Webster
Kit Webster has gained worldwide recognition for his enigmatic audiovisual installations. Ranging from site-specific projections to digital sculptures, his works utilise precision programming and visualisation techniques to create captivating and immersive environments that challenge our sensory perceptions.

By continually pushing the boundaries of technology and art, Webster is unafraid to present highly experimental concepts designed to expose the potential for the creation of a new audiovisual aesthetic.



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