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Come and see a collection of Australia’s finest producers, DJ’s and beat
makers, as they throw down live, one-off sets that are guaranteed to
impress. Local legends, interstate guests, live musicians, DJ’s, MC’s and
VJ’s; all joining forces in a special show that’s not to be missed.

It’s about the history, legacy and the legend; the cornerstone of the golden era
of hip-hop. It’s Biggie rapping to a Premo beat, it’s Dilla writing for A
Tribe Called Quest, it’s Pete Rock, Muggs, Dre and Marley Marl… you
could call it the organic heart of hip-hop, the foundation of so much music
… but we think it’s more about today and where tomorrow could take us.

Artists featured include: Dazastah (Downsyde, W.A.), Hykus (Universal,
Infamous Recordingz, W.A), Amin Payne (Condensed Milk, The
Operatives), Joelistics (TZU), Matik (Cash for Gold), Johnny Hooves
(Increase Audio), Obliveus (Beats Working), Daltron and VJ May.
[Akai Professional and Numark Australia would like to thank our dedicated
and awesome team of artists and friends for making this night possible.]



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