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AILA Victoria Event on Emerging Landscape Practice in Melbourne.

How is Melbourne’s emerging cohort of landscape practices modeling itself? What questions, issues, sites and principles drive them? How are their methods breaking ground? How do they build upon the models that precede them? What is borrowed from their mentors? What is transformed? This event asks four Melbourne-based design practices to discuss the ongoing conversation in their practice between precedent and experiment, repetition and mutation, ideas and application. Each practice will present itself in the form of a manifesto, outlining the theories, questions, techniques, mentors, precedents and principles that inspire their work.

Whilst the universities have produced a steady stream of graduates, they have not to my knowledge produced visionaries or critics… althrough there are promising agitations, there is not yet a cohort of truly experimental, critical and commercially viabile practices in this country.

Richard Weller, Epilogue to Sunburnt (J. Raxworthy and S. Ware), 2009


Bush Projects / Bonnie Grant and Sarah Hicks are cross-disciplinary artists and designers working under the moniker BUSH. Working in dynamic environments within both the public and domestic realm, the practice engages in projects of various scales and themes, from temporary interventions to gardens, parks and playgrounds. BUSH believes that art in public space requires a hybrid approach which engages directly with local social and environmental conditions. The practice investigates the way people experience, occupy and interact with landscape within public spaces – focusing on human occupation and interaction, ecological processes and aesthetic consequences.

Pollen Studio / Pollen Studio (Dan Nunan and Flynn Hart)
is a Landscape Architecture studio challenging the conventions of standard design practice. We are inspired by public spaces that create a sense of excitement and intrigue and result in a measurable positive change for daily users. As well as public landscape architecture, Pollen specialises in creating temporary public art installations that test people’s response to landscape and urban design outcomes. Pollen Studio nurtures projects to evolve into self-sustaining, community-driven outcomes where the completion of the project is just the beginning.

MALA Studio / MALA (Director Cam Morris)
is an emerging Landscape Architecture and Urban Design practice. The studio places a strong emphasis on creating site specific designs founded on a process of strategic investigation and site analysis, finding synergies between the environment, community, culture and history. We believe good design should be simple in form even when responding to complex site constraints and issues. Our design process and creative drive originates from an open studio environment where collaboration and freethinking inspire unique and high quality outcomes. We are not afraid to experiment with new ideas or to push the design beyond its initial brief.

AKAS Landscape Architecture / AKAS Landscape Architecture (Anthony Sharples and Alistair Kirkpatrick)
Working within the public and private realm AKAS extends their knowledge and ambition through academic research, teaching and design projects. This multifaceted approach endeavours to generate design outcomes which challenge traditional notions of landscape. With a strong emphasis on the use of vegetation as a spatial force and atypical combinations AKAS strive to create spaces that are immediately engaging but allow for an evolution over time.  AKAS Landscape Architectures approach to design and sustainability has been developed through an understanding of systems knowledge and manipulating biological parameters to achieve resilient green space in the face of social and climatic instability.

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