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The African Film Festival Australia is delighted to present the Shorts and Sounds session in Melbourne. Screening at the eclectic Loop Project Space & Bar, the night will see a diverse night of African short films and DJs Nadia Faragaab, Maddy MacFarlane and Natalia Gould spinning Afrobeat music. The session is co-hosted with Burji Arts, an arts organisation dedicated to celebrating Somali art and culture focusing on visual and performance art and the preservation and documentation of the Somali language

1. You are invited to my funeral – Nadia Faragaab – Somalia / Australia
There is a popular belief that women should not attend burials among the Somalis. One Somali women retells the story of how she should not be at her father’s burial because she is a She! The film is about her extending invitation to those who might be excluded from attending her burial.

2. The Samaritan – Sam Kessie – Ghana
A young girl disabled struggles to fetch water at a well one Sunday morning. What seems to be the kind offer of help from a beautiful young man quickly turns dark. The little girl is oblivious of what trusting this lovely Samaritan will entail or the perilous future of what lies ahead.

3. Pumzi – Wanuri Kahui – Kenya
A sci-fi film about Africa in the future, 35 years after World War III, the water war. survivors of the ecological devastation remain locked away in contained communities, but a young woman in possession of a germinating seed struggles against the governing council to bring the plant to Earth’s ruined surface.

4. Maffe Ticta (Peanut Butter Stew) – Mohamed Dione- USA/Guinea
A struggling young African woman finds that love is the true connection between her heritage her future through food.

5. Elegy of a Revolution – Paul Van Zyl – South Africa
Encouraged by his friend, a young idealistic journalist joins the African national Congress to protest apartheid. When their acts of sabotage turns to murder their relationship falls apart. One thing is certain, betrayal knows no limits.

All proceeds of the night will be raised for Burji Arts. For more info visit www.africanfilmfestival.com.au or contact info@africanfilmfestival.com.au

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