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Showcasing the recent work of Spanish born Victorian based artists Eduardo Perez de Heredia & Luis Bayonas. Featuring the short film Bike Songs and the feature film Adios. Q&A with artists, director and actors.

Bike Songs – Short film – Q&A with artist
Eduardo Perez de Heredia, Madrid 1962, archaeologist and visual artist, presents his new webpage sadnoisedigital.com, with the projection of his most recent work BIKE SONGS, created in Melbourne during 2013.

ADIOS – 90 min feature film – Q&A with Director and actors
When asked whether he is a filmmaker who paints or a painter who makes movies, Bayonas says:  I don’t think like that, I do what I do and that’s all there is to it:  I’ve got no system, no timetable, it’s a form of constructive chaos.  All I know is it works.

Adios brief:
When relationships get stale and out of control;  when compromise, meditation, counselling,  yoga, losing weight and mutual suicide threats stop working – there IS still one option left:  get the hell out.   It’s simple, it’s cheap and it works.


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