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Acidchicken and Slice Records presents… Acid Slice 4

Acid Slice goes fourth and leading the charge will be Acid Chicken Records head honcho, and a major part of the Acid Slice Crew, Biting Eye.
We are really excited to have Syndrome (Stay Up Forever, Cluster and Tekno Mulisha) bringing his live acid techno sounds to Acid Slice.
Mittons will be bringing his unique take on the 303 acid sound to the Acid Slice dance floor.
Resident Acid Slicer’s C:1 and dyLAB will be on duty to provide additional acid goodness.
Visual delights will be provided by StrangersPhaze.

303% all acid music, all night long.
>> Free entry <<

Syndrome (Tekno Mulisha Records)
Biting Eye (Acidchicken)
Dylab (Acid Worx / Acid Slice)
C:1 (SUPER ENJOY / Detrimental Audio)
Visuals by: StrangersPhaze (Tanglewood Festival)


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