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Want to see short films that are punchy, quirky, funny, or downright dangerous? Come and see the work of the JMC Academy Film and TV graduate semester class of ‘13. The dazzling spectacle of all final year film projects will be shown back-to-back for one long night only. Prepare to be entertained.

This screening is a testament to the vitality and creative exuberance of the Film and TV graduate semester class of ‘13 of the JMC Academy in South Melbourne. More than that, it shows how the spirit of co-operation and organization can create some quite extraordinary work made on the smell of an oily rag.


Frank and Lucy
The Last Hurrah
Twinkle Twinkle
To India
Pick Your Poison
My Mate On Wheels
Love That Knocks
Lewd Crude and Rude
Captain Cone
The Second Wife
Sort Your Shit Out
Project M
Young Nefarious Minds

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