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If you are single, between age 30- 39, then you are invited to our 30s Singles Club Masquerade Party in Melbourne CBD!!!
Are you ready to look for your soul mate? Want to meet someone in their 30s just like you? Sick of stay at home alone all by yourself? Miss all of the fun you used to have in your 20s?
Are you ready to be in a relationship? Ask yourself the following questions, and it should be all ‘yes’
* Are you comfortable to come to this event alone?
* Are you ready to dress up and put on a mask?
* Are you ready to bungy jump into fun?
* Are you ready to ask someone for their number, even if you could be rejected?

This is not a speed dating event, literally, no one is going to tell you what to do or who to talk to. We have asked you to wear a mask, it means no one is going to know who you are, you could simply be yourself. Let’s be honest, no matter if you are coming alone or with a friend, everyone who has made an effort to come to this party, they are just as nervous as you are and this is perfectly normal.

Feel free to check everyone out, because you will be voting the most fun dressed woman or man? It could be you. We are giving $150 cash prize to the most fun dressed woman and $150 cash prize to the most fun dressed man.

You will be given a number to wear during the party. Make it visible, people might be voting you:)

If you know any of your friend or family member, who need to be in this event, feel free to let them know. After all, it will be their decision to make if they are ready or not?

Event info:
* This is a two-hourly event, doors open at 6:30 pm
*Tickets are limited.
* This is a No-Phone event, we highly value your privacy, simply come and enjoy the moment.
* Romantic setting with light background music.
* Light finger food will be provided, you will need to buy your own drinks.

Strict Rules:
1) Age: 30-39, we will check your age before your entry, please bring a photo ID
2) Must be single
3) Please keep your mask on when you inside the venue

Event tips:
Ice breaker sentence
* Love your mask, where did you get it?
* Do you know number ‘6’ is my lucky number?

Ready to move to the next person sentence:
* I need to get another drink.
* Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom

Give Compliments, it is a great way to start a conversation!!!

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