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Forging creativity into sonic soaring tales for over a decade. Pushing boundaries of acceptability and down to earth underground sci-fi story telling. Raw and rusty, jagged and indiscreet, our guest is the hammer …house road warrior, defending psychedelic slam core. Our Guest is the one and only DARK NEBULA!!! Label director of Digital Psionics and master of the darkness. Dark Nebula has been the pin-up boy for all of our psychedelic teenage years. Dark Nebula is why we are the people we are today! Supporting Dark Nebula is Melbourne’s greatest in self-defining psychedelica. JEWELZ, AZRIN, HARRY BLOTTER, BROWN ACID & IMPERFECT CIRCLE. Accompanied to the stage by our team of visual picasso’s, HENK.D & NINJA. Expect this night to take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Expect this night to leave your imagination bruised and batter. Expect this night to bring you closer to god (any), because you’ll need something to believe in after we’re finished with you. Same Bat time, same bat channel. We’ll see you @ 10pm-Late @ Loop for a no frills “FREE” night of psychedelic mayhem.

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